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AT FORT project

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AT FORT – AThe telier European Fortresses – Powering Local Sustainable Development INTERREG IV.C project

The project aims to support specialized consulting activities as a result of which the participating organizations will be able to analyse and assess the individual aspects of their own activities through the application of specific methods from various points of view. They will further exchange best practices with their project partners and participate in the development of unified professional guidelines and in the dissemination of knowledge acquired in the field of re-using fortresses and fortified heritage. In addition, they will formulate professional policy recommendations on the application of innovative technologies in the reconstruction of monuments as well as the integrated protection of the heritage and its environment in the case of fortresses requiring specialized access methods. Last but not least, they will submit proposals for the reconstruction and utilization of fortresses with the view to provide the participating towns with a competitive edge, complete studies and gain experience in the implementation of joint projects.