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Danube Bastion – Port Reception Area

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Development of the Danube Bastion and the Port Reception Area of Fort Monostor, KDOP-2.1.1/B-09-2010-0011

The project in question is aimed at the reconstruction of the lower level of the Danube Bastion at Fort Monostor. Within the framework of the project the Bastion will be attributed an additional touristic function through the establishment of an exhibition area and additional service facilities (a reception area and an event centre), thus facilitating an expansion of the range of visitors the fortress has attracted so far. The newly established facilities are further expected to attract and serve touristic traffic on the waterways of the Danube River. The scale model of the Bass ship, one of the most typical vessels of shipping history along the Danube, will be built and displayed as part of the permanent exhibition to be established. The adjoining exhibition rooms will host installations of various artefacts and relics evoking traditional trades once typical alongside the river (e.g. gold panning, shipwrighting, etc.).