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HUSK projects

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On 29 March 2012 the Monitoring Committee of the Hungary – Slovak Republic (HU-SK) European Territorial Cooperation (ETC) Programme selected the cooperation projects to be supported. Fort Monostor Nonprofit Ltd. participated in two projects as project partner, both of which were supported by the Monitoring Committee.

Within the framework of the project "Expansion of the casemate network of the North and South Komárom Fortification System for touristic purposes” we plan to realize the maintenance and to improve the safety of the casemate network under both the Old Castle in North Komárom and the Fortification System in South Komárom, establishing an exhibition centre in the above mentioned casemates at the same time. The other project, on the other hand, concentrates on the construction of the Komárom-Komárno-Kolárovo bicycle lane and involves the construction of the relevant section of the proposed Fort Monostor bicycle lane, which will also be connected to the existing HUSK/0801/2.3.1/0163 bicycle lane.