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Event Centre

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Danube bastion
Film and music festival in Danube bastion
Walking theatre performance in Ingmándi fortress

Fort Monostor, Fort Igmánd and the Star Fortress enjoy increasing popularity as venues for national events, corporate family days and concerts. They are regularly rented for wedding photo shootings, wedding receptions and various other family programmes as well. The reasons behind the increasing popularity of our facilities might lie in the following facts:

1. A vast courtyard

  • 64,000 m2 at Fort Monostor
  • 35,000 m2 at Fort Igmándi
  • 10,000 m2 at the Star Fortress

2. Various covered and indoor event facilities

3. Event rooms and stage

  • Conference and meeting rooms – also recommended for receptions – at Fort Monostor
  • An open-air stage at Fort Monostor
Name of facility Seats Standing places Seating arrangement Floor space
Danube Bastion Open-Air Stage 545 - fixed 120 m2


4. Security services at a reasonable price

  • Fort Monostor and Fort Igmánd have two entrances each, whereas the Star Fortress is only accessible through one gate. For the duration of special events the second entrance gates can be closed thus enabling tight security control at the only access point. The nature of the buildings does not facilitate illegal access without an entrance ticket.

5. Free parking facilities

  • At Fort Monostor: a visitors’ parking lot for 68 passenger cars and 7 buses, a VIP parking lot for 12 passenger cars, another 600 parking spaces for passenger cars on the eastern counter slope.
  • At Fort Igmánd: parking is allowed on the outer premises.
  • At the Star Fortress: a limited number of cars can be parked at the entrance of the fortress and another 300 on the nearby festival area.

6. Infrastructure

  • Fort Monostor: three bathroom blocks; electric power supply: 3 x 200 Amperes in the Danube Bastion, 3 x 160 Amperes in the Officers’ Quarters, the Enlisted Quarters and at the Ice Pit; drinking water supply through above ground fire hydrants at three points in addition to the bathroom blocks and from 4 drinking fountains installed on the stable walls.
  • Fort Igmánd: electric power supply at the museum and the air-raid shelter, drinking water supply in the courtyard.
  • Star Fortress: electric power supply: 3 x 36 Amperes, drinking water supply in the courtyard.

7. Accessibility

  • All the three fortresses are readily accessible from the direction of Budapest, Győr and North-Komárom (SK) as well.

8. References

For further information on renting fees and conditions please contact our colleagues at the following availabilities:
Telephone: +36 34 540 582